Capturing the Best Photos for Your Wedding in Warwickshire

One of the most precious memories for any individual is their wedding day. Preserving the memories of the bride and groom’s special day is the particular duty of the wedding photographer. After all, what is a wedding without high-quality photography in a beautiful setting? Warwickshire and the surrounding area is a marvellous place for weddings and wedding photography. There are many different possible venues that are open to weddings, and a number of them also happen to be perfect for photography. Below is a short list of some of the very best of these venues.


Walton Hall

Four star country retreat Walton Hall provides the luxurious setting you would expect from a movie set. From every photographic angle, Walton Hall is absolutely stunning, whether inside or out. The magnificent high windows allow the sunlight to pour into the grand rooms on a sunny day. When it’s not sunny, the chandeliers more than make up for it with their glittering light. The grounds themselves are filled with picturesque formal gardens for group photos and lovely private spaces perfect for cozy little intimate shots.

Mallory Court

The distinguished Mallory Court Hotel beautifully blends both high-class and informal settings. The management at the hotel describes Mallory Court as the quintessential English country hotel. The terrific thing for a photographer is how cooperative the primarily French staff is. They fully understand and appreciate the needs of a photographer and try to accommodate them.

Wethele Manor

This venue is located outside of Leamington and is one of the most popular for weddings and wedding photography. Situated in a beautiful part of the Warwickshire countryside, Wethele Manor is a charming farmhouse with lovely open grounds and a rustic atmosphere. The ceremonies themselves are performed in a re purposed barn. There is a large pavilion for wedding breakfasts that leads out into the large gardens beyond. This location is ideal if there is going to be any dancing or a lot of boisterous children included in the wedding party.


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Stratford-Upon-Avon Town Hall

Known around the world for its connection to Shakespeare, the Stratford-upon-Avon town hall is located in the center of town and provides the wedding couple with an extremely impressive location. The amazing interior of the hall and the beautiful gardens just across the road make for some wonderful wedding photography. The key to photography here is avoiding the hoard of tourists who inundate the town during the tourist season.

Taking Photographs For Your Website

As an online marketeer you’ll undoubtedly realise that the incorporation of photographs can have a significant impact on your digital fortunes. High quality images may be featured as a means of building consumer interest and increasing the prospect of sales. However, poor quality images may have an overwhelmingly negative effect. This blog provides essential guidance with regards to the digital optimisation of your photographs.

Unique Appeal

You’ll probably be aware that it’s possible to obtain an extensive selection of images from the stock photography websites. However, your competitors may also enjoy ready access to these types of pictures. If you’re really keen to differentiate your business then it will be important to take unique photographs. You could take humorous or entertaining images as a means of generating customer interest.

Photography Essentials

The basics of photography apply, no matter whether you are focussing on digital or offline promotion. You should ensure that the picture focuses exclusively upon the product that you are advertising. It’s also important to harness different lighting effects for the best possible results. If you’re really keen to capture the best images then it would be worth taking a selection of shots and using specialist image-editing software.

Consider Your Website Design

It may be tempting to upload a variety of attractive product photographs to your website. However, you should ensure that the visual enhancements do not impact the loading speed of your web pages. It’s advisable to adjust your camera settings and use online applications to minimise the pixel ratios of your digital images. You should also ensure that the pictures blend in with overall design of your website.

Enlist Professional Help

If you require further guidance regarding the optimisation of digital photographs then it would be worth contacting Packshot and Stills. We’ll be happy to discuss the various aspects of ecommerce and arrange a product photography session in London.

Newborn Baby Photographer Tips

Photographing a newborn baby may not be as simple as it seems. Some parents may feel they’re up to the challenge. The newborn may create a fuss, or it may take a while to get the desired expressions or movements. If you want extra beautiful snapshots that’ll elicit awe from family members and friends, then you may want to consider getting the services of an experienced newborn baby photographer in your area. Hillarry from Silver Bee Photography in Austin, Tx, provides premier newborn photography services.

Newborn Photography Tips Texas

The best newborn photographers allot ample time to make each photo session relaxed, and allow lots of breaks. If you’re deadset on learning creative techniques to photograph your beloved newborn, you can either enlist in a professional newborn baby photography workshop or learn tips from a photography studio. Newbies and pros have produced stunning baby snapshots, some focusing on details like toes & fingers.

While it doesn’t take a genius to produce baby photographs worth displaying in your home, some foresight that pros specializing in newborn photography already know can help a lot.

For one, the subject matter (yes, that’s the newborn child, not the props to be used in the photo shoot though these contribute to the sense of scale) should be in the best possible condition. That means the baby shouldn’t be hungry nor feeling itchy with the garments you want to use, nor feeling distressed or uncomfortable with the temperature and extreme quietness in the photo shoot venue.

Note also that an infant may sense some form of tension or anxiety emanating from the parents or other people taking part in the photo shoot, so staying relaxed and calm should be the order of the day. Note also that some ace baby photographers time their photo shoots in the morning or early afternoon, not during the later part of the day when baby may be feeling somewhat fussy. Babies need not be disturbed from slumber just to make them strike a different pose.

Using a cute infant cap or clothes for the shoot may be lovely, but just a few will suffice. Au naturel baby poses are best.

Indeed, you can take great newborn or toddler photographs by keeping some baby photography tips in mind. To learn more newborn photography tips and to view adorable newborn photos visit:

Why Are Photo Contests Completely In Fashion?

Long before the wonders of the internet, amateur photographers used to be something of a lonely breed. They had few people to showcase their work to and in general, everything they snapped was for their own satisfaction.

Suffice to say, the above has changed. While this article is going to mainly concentrate on photo contests, it would be fair to say that the whole of technology in regards to social media, forums and any other sort of communication platform has transformed life for the amateur. However, sticking to our original aim, here’s why online photography contests seem to be the big thing in fashion at the moment.

Reason #1 – Cha-ching.

First and foremost, let’s not skim over perhaps the main reason why a lot of photographers turn to this route. Many of the contests offer lucrative cash rewards, or sometimes something more tangible such as a trip away.

To put this into perspective: once upon a time these snaps would simply go into a scrapbook, now they’re out there for all to see and can make you a tidy profit.

Reason #2 – Let’s make friends.

In some ways, these contests are a bit like social networks. In essence, they are user communities that bring photography enthusiasts together. While you might not know anyone in your physical region that shares your hobby, by logging onto your favourite contest site you’ll find potentially thousands that do.

For some people, this won’t be an obvious advantage. However, it brings another dimension to amateur photography and instead of shoving your scrapbook into the face of any visitor to your home, you’ve now got a much more welcoming set of people to target.

Reason #3 – Get taught by the experts.

These very people might actually be able to teach you a thing or two about photography. If we take a look at one of the most popular contest sites in the form of, you’ll soon see that many of the users boast fantastic knowledge of the industry. As such, anything that you do post will immediately get some sort of feedback, while questions on these sites are gleefully accepted and this can prove another fruitful way to improve your work.

Even if you don’t receive many pointers from your peers, you should expect feedback from the judges “marking” your work. It won’t happen in all contests, but a lot of the time even those entries that don’t win will receive some critique which can prove invaluable for future attempts.

Reason #4 – Hit the big break.

Finally, and this is perhaps the reason why so many photographers are turning to contests now – hitting the big time. All you need is one of your images to be shared, and the domino effect occurs. From that point on, your name is in the spotlight – and this can also impact the famous cha-ching effect we spoke about earlier.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a social share that gets your career going. One of the big agencies might just fall head over heels with your work, and the rest as they say would be history. Photography contests are no longer a fad, or perhaps an ego-brusher – they can work wonders for your career as well.